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Do you knowthat 60% of all disease is diet related?!

Reports from the Surgeon General and the National Academy of Sciences indicate that your choice of diet profoundly influences your long-term health prospects.

Clearly, we are what we eat and absorb, since ultimately we nourish our neuritic fluid, from which we derive thought, by our food.  Very few people today, in this troubled world, realize the effect of their health and diet on their minds, characters, and their usefulness to society and their eternal destiny.

Proper diet is one of the eight natural principles to realize wholeness:

1) proper diet (preferably vegetarian to speed the healing process)

2) clean air

3) pure soft water, hydrotherapy

4) exercise

5) natural remedies, sunshine, lymphatic rub, herbs, charcoal therapy

6) rest and re-creation

7) temperance

8) trust in God

Nutritional and lifestyle changes may assist in the healing process of, at least,the following diagnoses:

- Allergies
- Angina

- Asthma
- Cancer

- Congestive Heart Failure

- Chronic Obstructive PulmonaryDisease

- Depression
- Diabetes

- Diverticulosis/-itis

- Esophagitis and/or Hiatal Hernia

- Gallbladder disease

- Gastro-intestinal distress/ peptic ulcers


- Gout
- Heart disease

- Hypertension/ High Blood Pressure

- Hyperlipoproteinemias/ high cholesterol/  triglycerides

- Hypoglycemia
- Liver disorders

- Pancreatitis

- Pneumonia
- Stroke

- Renal disease/ Kidney disorders

- Obesity/weight loss 


Who can help you to make nutritional changes?? A registered dietitian!

What is a registered dietitian?  A registered dietitian is a nutrition professional, and is your most credible, objective source of nutrition information.  In addition, they are trained in the use of nutrition to prevent and control disease.

The initials R.D. indicate that the practitioner has completed an accredited four-year educational program, 900 hours of supervised practice, and passed a national exam.  The initials M.S. indicate that the nutritionist has completed a Master of Science degree.

Is my visit to see a Registered Dietitian covered?

Medicare covers 80% of the cost for nutrition consults for diabetes and renal disease.  Many insurance plans also cover visits to an RD.

Where may I find a Registered Dietitian? See the Contact page.

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